Saturday, August 6, 2011


Gone are hose days when couples had an argument over what to do on weekend. people used to spend more time with their gadgets rather than enjoying with their better halves.TECH tools are the new culprits of wrecked relationships , bringing about distrust and negativity .It seems that they are married to his or her gadgets.

It is ironically that on one level technology keep us connected with the world ,but is also isolating people from their partners.Greatest impact of this on the couple time together-causing emotional and social intimacy take a backseat.

Many psychologist agree with the fact that technology is a playing an important role in causing maximum numbers of separation.

But everything is not CTRL+ALT+Z

(1) one can make rules like making sure one leaves gadgets out of the room.

(2)when one gets involved with his/her gadgets ,others should use the situation for some selftime

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