Saturday, August 6, 2011


Gone are hose days when couples had an argument over what to do on weekend. people used to spend more time with their gadgets rather than enjoying with their better halves.TECH tools are the new culprits of wrecked relationships , bringing about distrust and negativity .It seems that they are married to his or her gadgets.

It is ironically that on one level technology keep us connected with the world ,but is also isolating people from their partners.Greatest impact of this on the couple time together-causing emotional and social intimacy take a backseat.

Many psychologist agree with the fact that technology is a playing an important role in causing maximum numbers of separation.

But everything is not CTRL+ALT+Z

(1) one can make rules like making sure one leaves gadgets out of the room.

(2)when one gets involved with his/her gadgets ,others should use the situation for some selftime

Saturday, July 24, 2010

cheapest laptop in the world

india prove his excellency in the field of information technology by bringing world's cheapest laptop in the market.yesterday the laptop was unveiled by HRD minister kapil sibal
The laptop has all the basic feature like built-in keyboard,wi-fi connectivity,USB is powered by 2 watt system.the device is available in the market next year.

It is a linux based operating is a touch screen gadget.beside the battery it can be operated by Solar power. It will make services like web video conferencing more common.This laptop is the joint venture of the students of IIT kanpur,kharagpur,cheenai,mumbai and indian istitute of science banglore.The cost of this device is Rs22o9.but it seems that it will become more cheaper Rs500 after the device is mass produced.

This is another milestone that country has achieved in the field of information and technology.this invention brings revolution in the field of communication.

Friday, July 23, 2010

teacher is a person who take people from darkness towards light of knowledge.they are the backbone of a well cultured society.but in the recent past we came accross many issuses that damage the image of the teacher.

idulgence of the indian women hockey team coach in sex scandals.he was accussed of harrassing the players is the burning topic.the duty of the coach is ti transfer skill and knowledge,brings motivation among the players and give momentum to one's life.but in the above case we saw that instead of indulging himself in motivating the players ,he always kept himself busy in sexual pleasure.he always used to haraas womwn players.

hockey is the national game of india. the pathetic ranking of india among hockey playing team is wellknown.if the coach of our national game team is like that how can we expext to be a number one team in world is clear that instead of paying attention on the ground.he was paying attention somewhere else off the ground.

another case came in light from the vikarabad on outskirts of hyderabad.principal of a reputed school used to blackmail girls.he used to drugged them,took their naked photographs and threantned them.

these two cases are the tip of a iceberg.teachers are the peson who can solve the problem of any country by transferring their skill,knowledge among their students.